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Why things are so slow?

Posted by STREETVISIONZ - 2 weeks ago


I would like to elaborate why things are so slow since March, and even since January even if nobody asked.

First off, it was because of some collaboration project that my friends and I tried to participate to, and didn't want to participate after finding out the rules, rules that ends within the field of exploitation, I will not further elaborate on this part due to the competition being established by a highly professional company. And it's corporate, because even if you win, you won't get anything, and the worst part is, you get don't to own what you created anymore afterwards and you're gonna have to buy one when it came out as a toy.

Secondly, it was because of me practicing on how to make human anatomy, and this is the good news of this bit, because I have chosen to apply an anime style face format, because this method was way easier, ergonomic, and flexible on each human anatomy stuff that I am currently drawing for the comic and its characters, and also potential commission offers that I will end up releasing soon.

For now, I have created several projects, parts for my Toyota Supra Mk. 6, which are the dash, handbrake, and the racing harness, the 3D project is not done yet, but no rush since it was being worked on by another guy and I want this car to be driven by anyone who is interested, and we're just two people who rarely communicate working on a very sophisticated project with no money involved whatsoever. I have created 5 cars this March 2024, 2 of which belongs to River Jason Walker, a character from my comic, Afterburner. The other one below, the Deora III, it has 5 paint jobs, one of which is a homage to my commission for a very successful Hot Wheels Youtuber within the community. The other one is a tribute to Ryu Asada, and my favorite car that I want to have that "Hot Wheels Acceleracers TEKU" theme, which is the Cyber Speeder, and its Vtuber variant. I also created the final looks for River Jason Walker, and the first look and revision for Kiyoshi Konomi, also a character protagonist for Afterburner, because Afterburner will have 3 protagonists kinda like GTA 5.

More cars and concept arts will be released soon before I revised my 30+ page PRELUDE comic, which showcased the world of Afterburner and its street racing scene, I wish I can animate it and apply Tyga - Diamond Life to show that it was a homage to Need For Speed Undercover.

In terms of Afterburner, I started writing down the lore and the first issue separately, inspiring the story from the pieces of media like Breaking Bad, Mafia Games by 2K, Need For Speed games, Motorstorm Apocalypse, and Xenon Racer.

Thank you so much for reading this, thank you and love you guys!

PR016_V2, the Deora III SV (StreetVisionz) version.




That "competition" does sound super exploitative. Also, learning about human anatomy is awesome. What was the most useful thing you learned for your art in relation to anatomy?

I learned that face has 5 points, and there are certain measurements in the body that I have to master which are arms, torso, legs, and many many more.